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My First Ride

My First Ride. I don’t think there’s a more passionate group of people than Harley riders. They are the poster children for brand ambassadors. And believe me,  I can relate. I, too, have a two-wheeled machine that has ignited my soul each time I’ve taken her for a spin. Now my heavenly hog has a [...]

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Are Facebook Business Pages Dead?

A topic my team and I discuss quite a bit is how are we utilizing Facebook Business Pages now that Facebook has changed the rules? It's important to adapt our strategy, or get left behind. Facebook no longer allows us to organically, effectively connect with our audience without spending ad budget. In my latest LinkedIn Live video, I am [...]

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5 Ageless Sales Strategies that Work Better Because of Social Media

On my latest LinkedIn Live video, I talked about some powerful sales strategies that I've learned and used over the years that have meant a lot to me and my team, and how they work in social media today. I'm sharing them with you so you can use on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, wherever your prospects are!   [...]

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Everyone has an Instagram Story

Everyone has a story. But what about an Instagram Story? If you have yet to use the feature with any regularity, make 2020 the year you start (or amplify) your Stories. The reason I think Instagram Stories are so important today is because using Stories will help you reach a larger audience you might be currently missing. There is a [...]

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Working Together

One of the many reasons I love this time of year is that things slow down a bit and we get to work ON our business instead of in our business. We can take a step back and think big picture and plan for the future. When it comes to your digital marketing, are you [...]

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My 2020 Vision for YOU

Going Live isn't just limited to Facebook anymore...LinkedIn has officially introduced their Live feature for beta testing! You currently need to use a third-party tool to broadcast your Live video, so I've gone Live using a great tool called On my first LinkedIn Live, I offer some ideas to see better results in 2020 from your digital [...]

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How Sales Tactics Have Changed Over the Years

So much has changed in the world of sales, and yet a lot of the fundamentals remain the same. For example, 'word of mouth' is still the primary way people hear and learn about other businesses. It just happens on a much larger scale thanks to the web and social media. Customer testimonials were, and [...]

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Engagement Goes Both Ways

When we talk about engagement, we often think about how to get more likes, comments and shares with our content. But engagement can be just as powerful if we look at it in the opposite direction. Each day, I spend time navigating my social media feeds looking for meaningful content. I'm also very intentional about [...]

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Instagram Best Practices

  Instagram is the one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, with seemingly everyone on the site. But are you utilizing Instagram to its fullest potential when it comes to your business? Make sure your caption includes a Call to Action: ask a question and invite your audience to tell you something. You [...]

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How to Stay ‘Top of Mind’ With Prospects

If you can manage to be 'Top of Mind' when a prospect moves from research mode to buy mode, you have an excellent chance of winning their business. The challenge is staying on the radar without frustrating or annoying the very people you're hoping to eventually serve. Here's a list of do's and don'ts for winning the [...]

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