Checking work email over the holiday weekend? Will you disconnect or stay plugged in?

With Thanksgiving just days away, many of us have a holiday off work to look forward to this week. The question remains – will you disconnect from work completely? wondered will you check your email over the holiday weekend? A valid question as it turns out. More than half of us check our work emails at least once.

According to Mashable:

A new survey from Xobni and Harris Interactive says 59% of employed American adults check their e-mail during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of the 59%, more than half (55%) check their work e-mails at least once a day, while about 28% check their e-mails multiple times throughout the day.

The survey was conducted online among 2,179 adults, 18 and older, earlier this month.

The article also noted how workers felt about receiving those messages – noting that 41 percent were “annoyed” or “frustrated” to see them in their inboxes, while 12 percent expressed a feeling of “dread.” It’s not all bad news. About 19 percent considered the messages “a welcome distraction.”

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Social media marketing and the power of urgency

I can be impatient and impetuous – which makes me the perfect buyer on sites like Living Social and Groupon. I see those daily deals and with a click or two I’ve got to have them. Half off at a American Apparel today? Yes, thank you. I’m sure I could use a new hoodie or t-shirt Groupon. And apparently so could many other Groupon users.

What’s more? We’re urged to hurry up about it. The deal is on.. and it only last so many more minutes before we’ll miss out. There’s something powerful about urgency. The idea that we could possibly miss out on a special offer if we don’t “act now” can encourage some seriously erratic behavior.

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Is Facebook out to kill Gmail? You decide

The big announcement is out – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg is out to modernize email. It’s too cumbersome, he claims. Who needs a subject line and a greeting and a closing – every time?

The man who has us all saying the phrase “Facebook me” just revamped that very phrase once again. And we’re all ears at eBoot Camp. Zuckerberg has minimalized the email concept for future generations, making modern messaging an ongoing and easy-going conversation.

Though sites like were quick to call the move a the death of email as we know, and perhaps even Gmail. Zuckerberg simply noted – in this post by MG Siegler – that “Gmail is really good product” that is being used less often.

So what is it, then?

According to TechCrunch, Zuckerberg’s calling for a Social Inbox. He’s giving a choice between the types of messages we want to give and allowing us to receive them in one place. From SMS to IM, email and Facebook messages, the system consolidates all of our communications into a seamless simple location. It’s meant to be quick, simple and will show a converation’s history.

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