First State Health, Delaware

First State is a group of chiropractic offices across Delaware. They needed to make sure each location had a clear and strong presence on Google, Yelp and other local directories. They also needed to stay ‘top of mind’ with clients so they remembered to come back after their first visit. We’ve maintained a top ranking on Google for their major search results and emailed a high-value piece to their clients once a month for over three years. They’ve also gained over 2,500 new Facebook likes since we’ve started with them. First State Health ranks FIRST in their search rankings! ...
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Expert Title

We started working with Expert Title in 2011 and we’ve had a great relationship for six years running. Their goals were to build a significant following on Facebook as well as establish themselves as thought-leaders in their industry. Since we began, we’ve grown their local fan base from 350 fans to almost 10,000. They have an active Facebook, LinkedIn and blog community with over 450 articles published and 17,517 total views ...
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Dale Carnegie Training

We began working with our first Dale Carnegie Franchise in 2010. That Franchise, Dale Carnegie of Michigan, saw immediate results and shared their success with other Franchises across the world. Over the years, our reputation continued to grow, and we now work with 35 Franchises across the globe. We develop localized digital content for each area and help them stay relevant and ’top of mind’ with this their customers and prospects ...
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Goldbergs Group

We began working with Goldberg’s in early 2016. They have exceptional food and a fast growing brand - with 20+ locations across the southeast. They needed a team to take over their company social media profiles and make sure customer feedback with responded to in a timely manner. Since working together, we’ve grown their following by 63% and handled over 100 customer responses to their social media sites ...
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