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New Word Lens iPhone app translates words instantly

Apple is known for its eye-catching products and cutting-edge technologies. Products like the iPhone and the iPad have been complete game-changers in their respective industries, often creating new ones as they go along. But this new app for the iPhone will blow your mind. Dramatic, I know. But I’m totally serious. It’s called [...]

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The day Facebook changed — and nobody complained

When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who was recently named Time's Person of the Year 2010, announced plans for a new Facebook profile page, I began to dread it. Not because I fear change or I thought it would be a bad move that would hinder my experience on the site. I was simply waiting for the [...]

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Google wants a spot at the eBook table

Yesterday Google launched their new eBook service called, simply, Google eBookstore. Google is taking a swipe directly at other eBook sellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple, with one crucial difference—eBooks purchased from Google's store will be available on any device. When you buy an eBook from Google, it stays "in the cloud," just [...]

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Facebook expected to release ‘Gmail killer’ on Monday

Tech Crunch is reporting that a “Gmail killer” will be unveiled on Monday, courtesy of the social networking giant Facebook. Dubbed “Project Titan,” it will be a web-based e-mail client, which will give users a personal e-mail address. Tech Crunch goes on to say: "Facebook has the world’s most popular photos product, the most [...]

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TBD Enterprises credits part of success to ‘eBoot Camp’ book

When you write a book, besides hoping you sell a lot of copies of said back, the biggest thing you hope for is that people will actually take what you’ve written, apply it in the real world and find success with it. Well, we’re pleased to announce that Bernie Ritchey and Tom Washburn did just [...]

140conf Detroit a lesson in talking less and doing more

Yesterday, hundreds of people descended upon the Fillmore Theatre in downtown Detroit for the 140 Characters Conference. And they came to listen to stories. Stories of how the real-time Web has impacted the way people do business. Stories about how the social Web has lifted spirits, changed traditional media, allowed people to become their own [...]

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RSS feeds make it easier to capture your favorite content

So you’re reading this blog post because you’re a fan of the eBoot Camp blog, right? But you might be thinking, man, it’s tough to remember to check back all the time to see if we’ve updated with any cool new content. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Some of you probably already know [...]

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New York City, we’re heading your way with a social media workshop

It’s always a good thing when we can get back to the Big Apple, and this time around we’ll be sharing some knowledge about social media as it relates to small business. These are important tools that each member of your team should be equipped with in order to effectively sell and represent your company. [...]

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“New Twitter” aims to keep users on the site

Yesterday, Twitter announced some changes to the way users will interact with each other on the site, as well as improved multimedia functions that will allow you to watch videos and view photos right on The Twitter timeline will remain the same, however, underneath each tweet, users will see more context and embedded media. When you click on an individual tweet, a details pane slides out to the right to reveal content. Other new features include:

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Changes to Twitter in best interest of users

Fewer and fewer people are using the Web interface at to send tweets or read those of their followers. Most people use one of the 250,000 applications built using the Twitter API like Tweetdeck and Seesmic, or mobile-based apps like Twitter for iPhone or Foursquare. Twitter recently announced a couple of changes, one being [...]

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