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Do you put your social media content into buckets?

We most certainly do. This week, we brought on a new client (yay!), and they tasked us with promoting their annual conference in October that has gone virtual. With all of our new clients, we do an on-boarding session where we establish 5-7 categories (or buckets) of content. Every piece of content we create for [...]

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Are Your Social Sites Collecting Dust?

How in the world is it already July?!? Although the pandemic has made each day feel like the last, we have somehow made it to halfway-mark of a challenging and tumultuous 2020. I strongly believe that the 2nd half will be when we make our comeback. But there's work to do.  I spent a few [...]

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Make sure your business is better off on the other side of Covid!

What can we be doing from a digital media standpoint to make sure we're better off on the other side of Covid than when we started? I recently conducted another webinar for one of our clients where I shared some things to do (and not to do) as we navigate our businesses through this pandemic. And this time, I [...]

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LinkedIn Ad Success

I recently listened to a great podcast episode on LinkedIn advertising, and I wanted to share a few tidbits from it with you. On the Social Pros podcast, LinkedIn Ads pro and Founder of B2Linked, AJ Wilcox, shared some wise tips on building successful ad campaigns on LinkedIn. How LinkedIn ads compare to other platforms: while costs per click [...]

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Can you be an Active Listener on Social Media?

Is there a difference between passive listening and active listening? Can you do one (or the other) effectively on social media?  We asked this same question HERE, and I'd truly love to hear your thoughts on the difference between the two and how someone can demonstrate active listening on social. As many of you know, my father created [...]

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts in Times of Crisis (Webinar)

Happy Friday Friends, 2020 has certainly been one for the record books and, like us, I’m sure you’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to social media. I recently conducted a 60-minute webinar where I shared a list of thing to do (and not to do) as we navigate these turbulent times. [...]

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Feeling Productive vs. Paralyzed in Fear

I was having a conversation with my wife the other day around this mentality right now of being productive or being paralyzed in these uncertain times, and I wanted to share a few highlights from that conversation with you. I totally get it if you fall into the paralyzed category - sometimes all we can do [...]

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LinkedIn Makeover Tips

Since we all have hit the pause button, or at least have slowed down, on our businesses for the time being, it's a great opportunity for us to work on the important but not urgent areas that in normal times would often get pushed to the side. One of these things we can use this [...]

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Social + Media + Marketing: Virtual Presenting

I recently got to chat with my friends David Newman and Jess Todtfeld about social media marketing in these strange times, and particularly about video and virtual presenting. We discussed the seemingly endless amounts of video options available to us, which can be overwhelming. When trying to figure out what services to use and where to spend your [...]

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Facebook introducing group video chat feature – worth it??

How are you staying in touch with colleagues, clients, friends, family in this time of self-isolation? I know we've all been on seemingly endless amounts of video calls at this point - sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them all! "Will my one meeting finish in time for me to join the next one?" [...]

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