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Hashtag Best Practice

Last Saturday, my wife and I attended a fantastic charity event put on by a truly wonderful organization. They did everything top notch and raised lots of money for a super worthy cause. But my weekend highlight is not the reason for this email. For better or worse, I tend to always be on the [...]

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Proud to share this with you…

First off, I just want to say thank you for being a loyal subscriber to our blog.  At some point over the last few years, our paths have crossed and you've trusted us to keep you informed on what's happening in the digital marketing world. We'll keep doing it as long as you'll have us. [...]

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A simple Instagram Strategy from a guy who’s ‘crushing it’

If you've ever heard me speak on stage, you know I'm not a fan of you trying to be a 'Jack of All Social Sites, Master of None'. I'd much prefer you focus on a few and do them really well. For most businesses, Instagram should be included in your top 3 because of its [...]

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you're always searching for the correct dimensions for your photos on your favorite social platforms, you're in the right place! has provided an updated, 2018 version of a Social Media Cheat Sheet that lists the correct sizing for headers, profile photos, cover photos, and so on, for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Enjoy!

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Ranking Zero on Google? Yes, it’s a thing!

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Graphic Design Tools for Your Social Media Content

  Facebook is becoming more and more of a visual sharing platform, and it's important that your content looks great and stands out! Whether you want to create graphic quotes, tips, infographics, photo collages, blog covers, or any other visual item, you'll need the right tools. There are plenty of graphic design programs out there, [...]

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Help! My iPhone is Replacing ‘I’ With ‘A’


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Facebook Live Best Practices

Tell people ahead of time that you're going live. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Write a compelling title and description for the Live segment. Create long-standing engagement with customers by offering high-value content via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email. If using your phone, turn the phone horizontal BEFORE going live. Try [...]

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Case Study: Don’t Force Social

I was skeptical at first, but it took about five minutes of episode one for me to fall in love with the hit show, This is Us. I sit cross-armed at first - promising myself I'll keep it together. And about midway through, the inevitable lip quiver begins. I'm a softy for family drama. But my [...]

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Beware Content Automation – a cautionary tale.

In almost every presentation I give, the question always comes up about my opinion on content automation. To ensure we're all on the same page, content automation is creating content in advance and then using an automation tool to post to your social media sites in the future. For obvious reasons, this practice can be [...]

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