Facebook introducing group video chat feature – worth it??

How are you staying in touch with colleagues, clients, friends, family in this time of self-isolation? I know we've all been on seemingly endless amounts of video calls at this point - sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them all! "Will my one meeting finish in time for me to join the next one?" [...]

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Social Media Strategies to Serve Your Customers and Community

I recently had the opportunity to speak with CBT News about how to offer value to your customers and support local communities using social media in the age of Coronavirus. Here are some tips from our interview: Q: What is your recommendation when it comes to using social media to sell during a pandemic? A: Every week [...]

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Online Meeting or Webinar?

Virtual meetings have very quickly become our new norm. It seems like we're spending all day, every day on Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Meetings, and the like. And for good reason- in a world of social distancing, we need to take advantage of technology in order to connect with our friends and loved ones, not to mention colleagues [...]

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Some Zoom Tips I Curated For You

I hope you're all staying healthy, taking care of yourself and those you love. Our kids' school just made the call that the rest of the year is canceled, so this temporary normal has just become not so temporary. But alas, I am trying to enjoy the extra time while they are little, I'm also introducing [...]

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Freemium vs. Premium

A question we've been getting a lot from our clients over the last few weeks (and looking ahead a few weeks) is what kind of communication should we be putting out to clients, prospects, just in general to our community? The answer is:   Freemium: offering high value content that is completely free. By doing this, you can [...]

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During Times of Crisis

It is a challenging time for everyone - we're all facing a new normal (at least for the foreseeable future), and trying to make the most out of a scary and unpredictable situation. Our team is looking for ways to support you during this difficult period. So what do we do with our unexpected downtime? Here are some Do's [...]

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Work On Your Biz From Your Computer!

The Coronavirus is impacting every industry, and the speaking industry is no exception. But if I'm going to be off the road, I'm going to do it the best I can! :)   But my decrease in spring travel can possibly be to your benefit. Something that's been in my Important/Urgent box for the last [...]

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What Virtual Meetings have to do with overcoming fear

With the world on edge over the Coronavirus, industries are scrambling to keep business as status quo as possible during such a volatile time. The event industry is no exception with conferences and corporate functions being cancelled left and right. As you can imagine, the impact is wide spread from the travel industry to corporate sponsors to [...]

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5 Quick & Easy Fixes to your LinkedIn Profile that will make a BIG difference

I recently did a private consultation session with a fellow speaker, and we went through some important LinkedIn makeover points. I wanted to share some of these changes we discussed that we all could benefit from. 1. Photos- There are two important photo sections: your profile picture and background image. Ideally, your profile picture will be a professional [...]

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Could consulting take your team further?

Hello Friends! If you've read my books or seen me speak, you know I'm a firm believer in VALUE over promotional content. You've also heard me say that it's okay to occasionally promote if you've earned the right with the consistent value you provide. With that, I hope you'll indulge me as I'm excited to announce a [...]

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