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Holiday Marketing Preparation Tips

We're halfway through the month of October, and halfway through our series on holiday marketing. How is your holiday marketing plan coming along? Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you're putting the best holiday content out there, and giving your audience what they want: Be a resource for your clients & prospects - Don't add [...]

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Are Instagram Reels the Right Choice for Your Business?

We are nearing the end of our monthly series on using video in your digital marketing. If video is a part of your current and future marketing plans, I highly recommend checking out our previous eTips from September. Today, we're talking about Instagram's newest feature: Reels!  Instagram Reels allow you to record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos [...]

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4 Steps to Doing More with Your Video Marketing

Afternoon friends! During the month of September, we are focused on helping you do more with video as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. As discussed in previous weeks, the benefits of using video in your marketing mix include: Showing instead of telling Bringing your products or services to life Allowing your enthusiasm and passion to [...]

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Live vs Pre-Recorded Video (The Great Debate!)

Hello Friends! During the month of September, we are focused on helping you incorporate video into your digital marketing mix. Last week, we talked about the importance of 'showing' us (video) instead of 'telling' us (written content) and the types of content that translate best to video. This week, I want to help you determine the best strategy [...]

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Don’t Tell Me. Show Me.

Last week, we brought on a new client and had our kickoff call with the owner and his team. We were creating content for his September content calendar and he was telling us about the differences between the craftsmanship and quality of their work versus their competition. After jotting down all the specific parts and [...]

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Who Should Be the Hero in Your Social Media Story?

My family just finished the Harry Potter Movie series (all eight of them!) and so I have stories, heroes and Hogwarts on the brain! It got me thinking about the story we are telling through our social media channels and who should be Harry (the hero) and who should be Dumbledore (the guide). I believe [...]

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Keeping Up with the Facebook Updates

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a lot of change - we've been forced to get used to a new normal for the foreseeable future in both our personal and professional lives. Social media platforms, which are constantly evolving anyway, have unveiled update after update to keep up with the times. Facebook (who, remember, also owns Instagram) [...]

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The Importance of Brand Consistency

Afternoon friends, Brand consistency is not just for big brands. We should all strive to tell a cohesive, consistent, and compelling story across any digital platforms in which we are active. This week, we're helping a dance studio and home builder redesign their online assets to match the quality of the products and services they offer. Our collective [...]

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Decisions for Decision Makers

I've been thinking a lot this last week of July about what decisions we as a company need to make as we anticipate August. At Impact Social, we've been rethinking some of our industries that we are looking to provide services for, that we may not have previously thought of before Covid. These are industries [...]

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Are You Disconnected From Your Digital Footprint?

As leaders, sometimes we're so busy driving and directing traffic, we forget to check under our company's hood. How close are you to your digital image? How about your content? Are you meeting your audience on their terms and fulfilling their needs?   More than ever before, people are make buying decision online instead of face to [...]

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